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MarketSmith's easy-to-access, weekly webinars cover an array of topics to suit your experience with investing. Begin with new user orientation, learn strategies for finding stocks that fit your portfolio goals, or study advanced ways to interpret the market. Within 24 hours of the live event, webinars are archived, allowing members to watch the recorded version anytime on desktop or iPad.

Webinars are hosted by our product coaches, offering you a great way to get acquainted with the experts who really make MarketSmith an exceptional service.

Coaching Support

We're committed to your success in investing. Whether you have a question about using MarketSmith, or you just need a perspective on recent stock market behavior, our product coaches are available to you. Best of all, this highly personalized service comes at no extra charge.

Call or email to book an appointment.

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Buying on a pullback can mean opportunity—or trouble ahead. Learn more.

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See how our efficient design supports your investment research through a stock screener with preset and custom-build options, stock charts you can configure and annotate, and access to more than 20 reports tracking the best-performing stocks.

Master Your Emotions

To master the market, first master your emotions. In this video series, MarketSmith President and veteran portfolio manager Scott O'Neil discusses ways to maintain your investing balance and keep unhelpful reactions in check.
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"Impressively powerful!"
"Every day I learn a new aspect of the tool. Great support from the company and product coaches."
"This is a great program for a serious investor."
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