MarketSmith delivers high-quality stock market data and all the investment research tools you need to find stocks, evaluate them, and decide when to buy and sell—profitably.

Take control of your investment life

MarketSmiths take charge of their investment decisions and don’t rely on the “expertise” of others. As a result, they are able to cut through the “noise” and better profit during uptrends as well as protect their capital during downtrends.

  • Institutional-quality data: Gain access to the same high-quality data that fuels products used by professional portfolio managers.
  • Ratings and rankings: Exclusive ratings help you quickly assess a stock’s potential to advance in price.
  • Conviction: Build solid conviction behind your investing decisions.

Save time with fundamental and technical data in one view

We designed MarketSmith Stock Charts for busy investors who want to master the world of investing and participate fully in it—even if they have limited time to devote to it.

    MarketSmith Stock Chart
  • Efficient stock analysis: Assess the strength and potential of any stock within our industry-leading database in one view—news, analysis, chart, fundamentals.
  • Simplify your stock research process: Move flexibly among the various stages of research, from finding strong stocks to analyzing metrics to industry group tracking.
  • List manager: Keep track of lists, customize their display, analyze by sorting lists, and flag top contenders.

Truly understand stocks and the market

MarketSmiths are students of the market, improving their craft and wanting to learn from mentors to quicken their learning curve. When you subscribe to MarketSmith, you gain access to an investing education.

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