Growth 250

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MarketSmith Growth 250 is a weekly list of premium stock ideas designed to save you time in your search for the market's next big winners. Designed by O'Neil portfolio managers grounded in the successful investment strategy of William O'Neil, this list utilizes a complex screening process to reveal stocks poised for significant growth.

Growth 250 is generated using 30 separate screens that filters for technical and fundamental stock data like price performance, earnings, liquidity, "three-weeks tight" base patterns, pre-tax margins, ROE, and exclusive O'Neil ratings and rankings.

Every Friday, the latest Growth 250 will be loaded as a Stock List in the Reports folder of the List Manager. From there, apply your own stock research routine as you analyze these potential market leaders.

Due to the demanding criteria established by the screening process, the number of stocks in Growth 250 will fluctuate depending on current market conditions. Therefore, a strong market will result in a larger number of stocks than a weak market.

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