Pattern Recognition

MarketSmith Pattern Recognition takes the guessing out of chart reading. Our Pattern Recognition feature automatically highlights any of six potential stock chart patterns using an identifiable green underscore. By seeing these patterns, you can more easily learn to identify stock trends and effectively use them as part of your investment decision-making process.

This premium upgrade includes an incredible time saving pop-up feature, detailing related information on the highlighted pattern. The pop-ups are complete with calculations that an investor would otherwise have to spend considerable time performing—including the stock’s base stage, length and depth of base, depth of handle, pivot point, and current percent from pivot.

As a stock breaks through its pivot point, key profit, pivot, and loss ranges are displayed. These ranges provide guidance based on the investment wisdom of stock market legend William J. O’Neil.

As a member of MarketSmith Pattern Recognition, you’ll see base patterns as they develop—instead of after the fact and save yourself some valuable time eliminating the need to perform time-consuming calculations.

Pattern Recognition is available as a premium upgrade to members of MarketSmith Online. Try it today when you take a trial!

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